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Rush Limbaugh Quotes

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Rush Limbaugh
January 12, 1951 -
Nationality: American
Category: Entertainer
Subcategory: American Entertainer

Character matters; leadership descends from character.


Will some reporter, or some Republican on the Sunday shows, please ask why tax cuts raid the non-existent Social Security Trust Fund but all the Democrats' new spending doesn't? Will someone please ask that?


You could afford your house without the government if it weren't for the government.


There is one other business where the customer is always wrong and that's the media.


We can take this country back. All we need is to nominate the right candidate. It's no more complicated than that.


If Thomas Jefferson thought taxation without representation was bad, he should see how it is with representation.


The Los Angeles riots were not caused by the Rodney King verdict. The Los Angeles riots were caused by rioters.


There's a simple way to solve the crime problem: obey the law; punish those who do not.


I don't need equal time, I am equal time!


I want anyone who believes in life, liberty, pursuit of happiness to succeed. And I want any force, any person, any element of an overarching Big Government that would stop your success, I want that organization, that element or that person to fail. I want you to succeed.


Liberal Democrats are inexorably opposed to tax cuts, because tax cuts give people more power, and take away from the role of government.


You know why there's a Second Amendment? In case the government fails to follow the first one.


After the Republican Party did everything that Colin Powell says it needs to do to grow, and nominated the very kind of candidate he wanted in 2008, what did Powell do? He endorsed Obama! So according to the Drive-Bys and David Gergen, Republicans should let somebody who campaigned and voted for Obama, tell us how to build our party.


Ronald Reagan was the greatest president of the twentieth century.


The press has met their Waterloo, and it's Obama.


No nation ever taxed itself into prosperity.


Nationalizing businesses, nationalizing banks, is not a solution for the democratic party, it's the objective.


So what is so strange about saying I want Barack Obama to fail if his mission is to reconstruct and reform this nation so that capitalism and individual liberty are not its foundation? I want the country to survive. I want the country to succeed.


When a nominee for the Supreme Court, one of only nine lifetime appointments, makes an overtly brazen racist comment about tens of millions of American citizens, we don't need lectures. What we need to do is to confront her with what she said and what it says about her.


Feminism was established to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream.


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