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Sammy Davis, Jr. Quotes

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Sammy Davis, Jr.
December 8, 1925 - May 16, 1990
Nationality: American
Category: Entertainer
Subcategory: American Entertainer

During three decades, along all the highways of my youth, Frank had always been there for me.


The success of the Rat Pack or the Clan was due to the camaraderie, the three guys who work together and kid each other and love each other.


If you want to get known as a singer you hire five sexy chicks and let them fight over you onstage and for the cameras. That's publicity, man.


I had traveled 10 states and played over 50 cities by the time I was 4.


Being a star has made it possible for me to get insulted in places where the average Negro could never hope to go and get insulted.


Sober up, and you see and hear everything you'd been able to avoid hearing before.


The civil rights movement wasn't easy for anybody.


There are lines that I know are going to get a belly laugh, but after a few shows I get sick of hearing myself say them so I drop them.


I wasn't anything special as a father. But I loved them and they knew it.


You don't swing where you sleep.


Fame comes with its own standard. A guy who twitches his lips is just another guy with a lip twitch - unless he's Humphrey Bogart.


Alcohol gives you infinite patience for stupidity.


Marilyn and I were rumored to be an item. We were friends. Nothing more. Marilyn was one of the sweetest creatures that ever lived.


Reality is never as bad as a nightmare, as the mental tortures we inflict on ourselves.


Most orgies that you go to, I have found, most of it is sad. All that wildness, all those laughs were like the shining silver and gold paper on packages, but there was nothing inside.


Bogart could have been color blind. He got to know a man before he decided if he liked him or not.


With an ocean between you and your European friends, you have to keep them in your heart.


May was young and beautiful, we were legally married, but she was caught in the prison of my skin.


The manic pursuit of success cost me everything I could love: my wife, my three children, some friends I would have liked to grow old with.


Would it be better if I'd married a Negro woman? Would they treat my child any better? Erect fewer barriers?


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