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Sarah Vowell Quotes

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Sarah Vowell
December 27, 1969 -
Nationality: American
Category: Author
Subcategory: American Author

History is full of really good stories. That's the main reason I got into this racket: I want to make the argument that history is interesting.


Like Lincoln, I would like to believe the ballot is stronger than the bullet. Then again, he said that before he got shot.


I'm a big fan of editing and keeping only the interesting bits in.


Jesus and Lincoln, Moses and Jefferson can seem so long gone, so unbelievable, so dead.


Not that I want the current president killed. I will, for the record and for the FBI agent assigned to read this and make sure I mean no harm, clearly state that while I am obsessed with death, I am against it.


Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, Robert Lincoln bought a nice ski lodge.


Relics are treasured as something close to the divine.


Part of the success of This American Life, I think, is due to the fact that none of us sound like we should be on the radio. We don't sound professional; we sound like people you would know.


I hated the lost colony; in second grade, we were doing American History, and they said, We don't know what happened to them. That drove me nuts. That lost colony drove me crazy.


The whole point of Louis Armstrong is that no one can really figure him out. There was a while where I thought you could try.


My audience is going to die before I do.


I didn't come from any kind of academic background, but I lived in a college town and I knew people who weren't without pretense. There was this idea in the town that if something was European it would be good.


The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Civil War-when I really think about them they all seem about as likely as the parting of the Red Sea.


I seem to have no problem revealing my crush on the man who murdered Lincoln.


Assassins and presidents invite the same basic question: Just who do you think you are?


We go in to liberate Cuba, but Cuba still isn't free; we don't really think through what we'll do after the initial treaty is signed, but we're still occupying. There's chaos and torture and finally an outcry.


While I gave up God a long time ago, I never shook the habit of wanting to believe in something. So I replaced my creed of everlasting life with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


I get younger people who watch Conan or The Daily Show, but before that it was mostly people who knew me from public radio. Those people are kind of old.


What are you hiding? No one ever asks that.


One night last summer, all the killers in my head assembled on a stage in Massachusetts to sing show tunes.


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