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Sebastian Bach Quotes

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Sebastian Bach
April 3, 1968 -
Nationality: Canadian
Category: Musician
Subcategory: Canadian Musician

I can't drink whiskey like I used to back then, that's for sure.


It is easy for me to go play a rock show, I have been doing that all my life and I love that.


You have got to make new music, that is the way that I look at it anyway.


I'm a TV junkie. I'm always flipping through channels.


Inside I never said I wanted to do theatre or be an actor.


Maybe if they start playing new rock bands videos, then maybe but there is no point in a guy like me spending 250 grand for a video that no one is ever going to see.


Being a cover artist is not like being a real artist. That's just copying what someone else did.


They don't have the edge that I need. I'm not interested in reliving 1988.


My first band, Kid Wicked, we did half covers and half originals.


Metal is still the biggest music now in America.


They have had such a crazy life living with me as their dad. Not crazy but different from their friends.


I had to get out of my record deal that I signed with my previous band and get a full solo record deal going so, with all of the paperwork that, that entails it did take a while.


That's why it's called Sebastian Bach. I mean, it's a permanent band, pretty much, but if I jam with other people, it just makes a better album, I think.


Kids don't go out and buy CDs, they make their own, they download them from the Internet.


I do Skid Row every night.


Yes, but I have to say this: the band is going to decide where the band plays.


You know what I'm doing starting 1st November? Jesus Christ Superstar.


No, if it was up to me every record would be brand new studio material but Atlantic records asked me to put out a full live record because my tour really did do well last year.


I want to do something creative, not just easy.


Every single band in the world has these gigantic songs that people are obsessed with.


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