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Steve Wozniak Quotes

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Steve Wozniak
August 11, 1950 -
Nationality: American
Category: Businessman
Subcategory: American Businessman

All the best people in life seem to like LINUX.


You know what, Steve Jobs is real nice to me. He lets me be an employee and that's one of the biggest honors of my life.


I had a TV set and a typewriter and that made me think a computer should be laid out like a typewriter with a video screen.


The first Apple was just a culmination of my whole life.


Everything we did we were setting the tone for the world.


Hard disks have disappointed me more than most technologies.


I thought Microsoft did a lot of things that were good and right building parts of the browser into the operating system. Then I thought it out and came up with reasons why it was a monopoly.


A lot of hacking is playing with other people, you know, getting them to do strange things.


My whole life had been designing computers I could never build.

    Topics: Computer

What I was proud of was that I used very few parts to build a computer that could actually speak words on a screen and type words on a keyboard and run a programming language that could play games. And I did all this myself.


I'm surprised at the extent of the bigotry. But it really plays out when companies or schools take a side and prohibit the other platform at all. We Mac users should be good even when the other side is bad. We should do what we can to accept the other platforms.


I'd learned enough about circuitry in high school electronics to know how to drive a TV and get it to draw - shapes of characters and things.


Never trust a computer you can't throw out a window.


But I know newspapers. They have the first amendment and they can tell any lie knowing it's a lie and they're protected if the person's famous or it's a company.


Wherever smart people work, doors are unlocked.


In the end, I hope there's a little note somewhere that says I designed a good computer.


I think everything I have done in my life, my reasons at the time were right no matter how things worked out.


Another hero was Tom Swift, in the books. What he stood for, the freedom, the scientific knowledge and being and engineer gave him the ability to invent solutions to problems. He's always been a hero to me. I buy old Tom Swift books now and read them to my own children.


Teachers started recognizing me and praising me for being smart in science and that made me want to be even smarter in science!


The more we thought, the more they all sounded boring compared to Apple. You didn't have to have a real specific reason for choosing a name when you were a little tiny company of two people; you choose any name you want.


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