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Tennessee Williams Quotes

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Tennessee Williams
March 26, 1911 - February 25, 1983
Nationality: American
Category: Dramatist
Subcategory: American Dramatist

There is a time for departure even when there's no certain place to go.


Luxury is the wolf at the door and its fangs are the vanities and conceits germinated by success. When an artist learns this, he knows where the danger is.


If I am no longer disturbed myself, I will deal less with disturbed people, but I don't regret having concerned myself with them because I think most of us are disturbed.


All good art is an indiscretion.


The future is called 'perhaps,' which is the only possible thing to call the future. And the important thing is not to allow that to scare you.


The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that's also a hypocrite!


To be free is to have achieved your life.


Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.


Enthusiasm is the most important thing in life.


A vacuum is a hell of a lot better than some of the stuff that nature replaces it with.


Mendacity is a system that we live in. Liquor is one way out an death's the other.


Success is blocked by concentrating on it and planning for it... Success is shy - it won't come out while you're watching.


Oh, you weak, beautiful people who give up with such grace. What you need is someone to take hold of you - gently, with love, and hand your life back to you.


All your Western theologies, the whole mythology of them, are based on the concept of God as a senile delinquent.


Why did I write? Because I found life unsatisfactory.


Most of the confidence which I appear to feel, especially when influenced by noon wine, is only a pretense.


The strongest influences in my life and my work are always whomever I love. Whomever I love and am with most of the time, or whomever I remember most vividly. I think that's true of everyone, don't you?


You can be young without money but you can't be old without it.


In memory everything seems to happen to music.


Luck is believing you're lucky.


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