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Travis Barker Quotes

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Travis Barker
November 14, 1975 -
Nationality: American
Category: Musician
Subcategory: American Musician

And I played in jazz band as well during all three years in school.


I used to have friends come on tour and work as my drum tech, but they get bummed out when I have to tell them what to do. This time I'm just going to fly them out and let them hang. It's all good.


We just wanted to write a bunch of songs that we thought were good songs.


I listened a little to punk when I was younger, but it was straight edge punk. It was nothing like what is going on now, like poppy punk.


I practice every day, I warm up before I play.


I was playing with the Aquabats, and then I quit to join a band called Suicide Machine in Detroit.


A lot of people think that punk rock musicians don't know what they're doing.


Oh, I was super serious about practicing and rudiments, and still am. I still have all my books.


We were concerned with having good songs, not just songs that go two hundred miles per hour.


I'm super serious about that stuff. I mean, it's rare that I sit down at a drum set when I'm not touring, because we tour so much.


I'm a freak, everything has to be totally flat when I play. Ed Will, my jazz teacher, set up everything completely flat, and then you'd tilt your snare drum away from you, so I do that too. So my snare tilts away from me.


On tour, you never have a home, you don't get used to anything, and you're always super busy.


But there's actually a lot of punk bands out there that go out of the norm, use odd time signatures, or a lot of different tempo changes in a song.


In junior high, I sang in madrigals, men's' and women's' choir. I played piano too, but then I got out of it.


I was in a band called Hooker for a while.


And I was in another band called Flash In The Pan, which was soca, Latin music, down in Laguna Beach.


We all write the music, and then Mark and Tom write the lyrics.


We just wrote songs that seemed good to us. We wrote the album in like two weeks. We could have had more time, but we accomplished what we needed to in the two weeks.


I've always liked Dennis Chambers, he's real flashy.


I learned the songs and played the gigs, and then they called me about a month later. They told me they were like super stoked on me and asked me to join their band.


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