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Trevor Dunn Quotes

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Trevor Dunn
January 30, 1968 -
Nationality: American
Category: Musician
Subcategory: American Musician

But I also like to be in control, like anyone else. I try to achieve a balance.


I need to broaden my horizons.


Well, I've never been to Japan so I couldn't say. I do know that we have a bit of a following there however.


I love being a musician. I love the lifestyle. But I think it's probably as difficult and frustrating as anything.


I mean, I would hope that I have a style or personality that is evident wherever I go.


I take all of my music seriously and personally.


Being in several, disparate bands is what I thrive on.


Now I am obsessed with collecting Platypus paraphernalia.


I've experienced as much fame as I ever want to.


I'm comfortable, but not satisfied and I hope to always feel that way.


NYC is chaotic. And I am attracted to chaos.


I don't really know why I chose bass except that it was different than guitar.


It wasn't until after private lessons and learning bass lines that I even noticed bass in the music I was listening to at that age. My ears were blown wide open.


I remember when metal was something you really had to search out, and now I hear it on car commercials.


Different people bring out different aspects of ones personality.


There's a reason I moved to NYC, and if I listed all the musicians on my list you'd grow weary.


Well, musicians everywhere make up a small part of the population, so incest is to be expected.


If I can introduce someone to something new, as is constantly happening to me, then I am elated.


I guess the two Manifesto, Communicating Vessels, Mad Love, and some of his poetry made a significant mark on me but as far as bringing a literary element into the music I see it as a much broader assimilation.


Bungle is definitely a priority right now.


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