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Marriage is neither heaven nor hell, it is simply purgatory.

    Author: Abraham Lincoln

I think church and state should remain entirely separate at all costs, and that the decision of religious marriage should be of each faith to debate and decide free of political influence.

    Author: Adam Rickitt

It is a fact that all women contribute more to marriage than men; for the most part they have to change their place of living, their method of work, a great many women today changing their occupation entirely on marriage; and they must even change their name.

    Author: Agnes Macphail

Marriage isn't a carnival ride.

    Author: Aisha Tyler

Even though marriage is doomed, if you turned it into a job you like and really work at it - it can be salvaged.

    Author: Al Goldstein

For me working on the marriage and not making the easy choice of cheating was something that I could not do.

    Author: Al Goldstein

If you cannot work on the marriage or the women is a moron, staying married and cheating makes the most sense because divorce is disruptive to the family life and your bank account.

    Author: Al Goldstein

The only way marriage can work is if a man respects the woman and she is a thinking woman and he wants to work on the marriage.

    Author: Al Goldstein

I'm also interested in the modern suggestion that you can have a combination of love and sex in a marriage - which no previous society has ever believed.

    Author: Alain de Botton

What is fascinating about marriage is why anyone wants to get married.

    Author: Alain de Botton
    Topics: Marriage

I do not believe that defending traditional marriage between one man and one woman excludes anybody or usurps anybody's civil rights and denies anybody their civil rights.

    Author: Alan Autry

It's about time we all faced up to the truth. If we accept the radical homosexual agenda, be it in the military or in marriage or in other areas of our lives, we are utterly destroying the concept of family.

    Author: Alan Keyes

If you want to read about love and marriage, you've got to buy two separate books.

    Author: Alan King

Marriage is nature's way of keeping us from fighting with strangers.

    Author: Alan King

There is no loneliness like that of a failed marriage.

    Author: Alexander Theroux

What we need are not prohibitory marriage laws, but a reformed society, an educated public opinion which will teach individual duty in these matters.

    Author: Alfred Russel Wallace

Time turns the old days to derision, Our loves into corpses or wives; And marriage and death and division Make barren our lives.

    Author: Algernon Charles Swinburne

Adultery - which is the only grounds for divorce in New York - is not grounds for divorce in California. As a matter of fact, adultery in Southern California is grounds for marriage.

    Author: Allan Sherman

Love in marriage should be the accomplishment of a beautiful dream, and not, as it too often is, the end.

    Author: Alphonse Karr

Love: A temporary insanity curable by marriage.

    Author: Ambrose Bierce
    Topics: Marriage, Love

Marriage, n: the state or condition of a community consisting of a master, a mistress, and two slaves, making in all, two.

    Author: Ambrose Bierce

Every good relationship, especially marriage, is based on respect. If it's not based on respect, nothing that appears to be good will last very long.

    Author: Amy Grant
    Topics: Marriage

I can look back at different times in my life when I felt I could not find my way out of whatever it was. I'm not necessarily talking about marriage, but I wanted to pack it in. I wanted to disappear. A lot of that has to do with being in the public eye.

    Author: Amy Grant

We are no more content to plod along the beaten paths - and so marriage must go the way of God.

    Author: Amy Levy

A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short.

    Author: Andre Maurois

A marriage without conflicts is almost as inconceivable as a nation without crises.

    Author: Andre Maurois

A successful marriage is an edifice that must be rebuilt every day.

    Author: Andre Maurois

Marriage as an institution developed from rape as a practice. Rape, originally defined as abduction, became marriage by capture. Marriage meant the taking was to extend in time, to be not only use of but possession of, or ownership.

    Author: Andrea Dworkin

My own early crusade for same-sex marriage, for example, is now mainstream gay politics. It wasn't when I started.

    Author: Andrew Sullivan

The most successful marriages, gay or straight, even if they begin in romantic love, often become friendships. It's the ones that become the friendships that last.

    Author: Andrew Sullivan

What is marriage but prostitution to one man instead of many?

    Author: Angela Carter

The most important thing for a good marriage is to learn how to argue peaceably.

    Author: Anita Ekberg
    Topics: Marriage

All married couples should learn the art of battle as they should learn the art of making love. Good battle is objective and honest - never vicious or cruel. Good battle is healthy and constructive, and brings to a marriage the principles of equal partnership.

    Author: Ann Landers

Sensual pleasures have the fleeting brilliance of a comet; a happy marriage has the tranquillity of a lovely sunset.

    Author: Ann Landers

I don't believe in hasty marriages.

    Author: Anna Held

Look back, to slavery, to suffrage, to integration and one thing is clear. Fashions in bigotry come and go. The right thing lasts.

    Author: Anna Quindlen

The clearest explanation for the failure of any marriage is that the two people are incompatible; that is, that one is male and the other female.

    Author: Anna Quindlen

I believe I went through a divorce. My relationship with Ellen is no less significant as a marriage than my relationship to Coley.

    Author: Anne Heche

I did know Ted Hughes and I partly wrote the book to explain to myself and others the complexities of a marriage that was for six years wonderfully productive of poetry and then ended in tragedy.

    Author: Anne Stevenson

She worded it a bit strongly, but I do find myself more and more struck by the differences between the sexes. To put it another way: All marriages are mixed marriages.

    Author: Anne Tyler

The Amateur Marriage grew out of the reflection that of all the opportunities to show differences in character, surely an unhappy marriage must be the richest.

    Author: Anne Tyler

I decided he'd changed so much that a whole new book was required and that book actually I can say so was the first to say that the marriage was in trouble and the Prince didn't like at all and my book was being serialized in the Sunday Times over five weeks.

    Author: Anthony Holden

A man's love, till it has been chastened and fastened by the feeling of duty which marriage brings with it, is instigated mainly by the difficulty of pursuit.

    Author: Anthony Trollope

Sooner or later they are going to live in a New York City where gay marriage is not only legal, but it's common and they don't even notice.

    Author: Anthony Weiner

Quarrels often arise in marriages when the bridal gifts are excessive.

    Author: Antisthenes

Many women cut back what had to be done at home by redefining what the house, the marriage and, sometimes, what the child needs. One woman described a fairly common pattern: I do my half. I do half of his half, and the rest doesn't get done.

    Author: Arlie Hochschild

I think that gay marriage should be between a man and a woman.

    Author: Arnold Schwarzenegger

I think that, as with marriage, you just know when it's time to have kids.

    Author: Ashley Judd

Marriage is overdone. As long as there are people, people are going to find it interesting.

    Author: Augusten Burroughs
    Topics: Marriage

I suffered, I really suffered, with all three of my husbands. And I tried damn hard with all three, starting each marriage certain that it was going to last until the end of my life. Yet none of them lasted more than a year or two.

    Author: Ava Gardner

I think the main reason my marriages failed is that I always loved too well but never wisely.

    Author: Ava Gardner

I opposed the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996. It should be repealed and I will vote for its repeal on the Senate floor. I will also oppose any proposal to amend the U.S. Constitution to ban gays and lesbians from marrying.

    Author: Barack Obama

A woman asking "Am I good? Am I satisfied?" is extremely selfish. The less women fuss about themselves, the less they talk to other women, the more they try to please their husbands, the happier the marriage is going to be.

    Author: Barbara Cartland

Marriage is not a noun; it's a verb. It isn't something you get. It's something you do. It's the way you love your partner every day.

    Author: Barbara de Angelis
    Topics: Marriage

The real act of marriage takes place in the heart, not in the ballroom or church or synagogue. It's a choice you make - not just on your wedding day, but over and over again - and that choice is reflected in the way you treat your husband or wife.

    Author: Barbara de Angelis
    Topics: Marriage

Marriage is socialism among two people.

    Author: Barbara Ehrenreich

By our Heavenly Father and only because of God, only because of God. We're like other couples. We do not get along perfectly; we do not go without arguments and, as I call them, fights, and heartache and pain and hurting each other. But a marriage is three of us.

    Author: Barbara Mandrell

Marches alone won't bring integration when human respect is disintegratin'

    Author: Barry McGuire

I think the Mother is gradually revealing itself to me and taking over. But it is not the Mother alone. It is the Mother and the Father, the male and the female, sort of gradually having their marriage.

    Author: Bede Griffiths

Marriage hasn't been my thing. But gay people, knock yourselves out!

    Author: Ben Affleck

If only the strength of the love that people feel when it is reciprocated could be as intense and obsessive as the love we feel when it is not; then marriages would be truly made in heaven.

    Author: Ben Elton

Let me be clear. I support the definition of marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

    Author: Ben Nelson

I voted for the Defense of Marriage Act but I do not believe we should institutionalize a form of discrimination against any minority by amending the Constitution.

    Author: Ben Nighthorse Campbell

Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, half shut afterwards.

    Author: Benjamin Franklin
    Topics: Marriage

Marriage is the most natural state of man, and... the state in which you will find solid happiness.

    Author: Benjamin Franklin

Where there's marriage without love, there will be love without marriage.

    Author: Benjamin Franklin
    Topics: Marriage

I would say that the surest measure of a man's or a woman's maturity is the harmony, style, joy, and dignity he creates in his marriage, and the pleasure and inspiration he provides for his spouse.

    Author: Benjamin Spock

I feel strongly for gay marriage to be accepted.

    Author: Bernadette Peters

The proper union of gin and vermouth is a great and sudden glory; it is one of the happiest marriages on earth, and one of the shortest lived.

    Author: Bernard De Voto

So one of the things that happened with integration in the South is they found that the black teachers were much more educated than the white teachers.

    Author: Bernice Johnson Reagon

Marriage is for women the commonest mode of livelihood, and the total amount of undesired sex endured by women is probably greater in marriage than in prostitution.

    Author: Bertrand Russell

An affair now and then is good for a marriage. It adds spice, stops it from getting boring... I ought to know.

    Author: Bette Davis

Brought up to respect the conventions, love had to end in marriage. I'm afraid it did.

    Author: Bette Davis

Women hope men will change after marriage but they don't; men hope women won't change but they do.

    Author: Bettina Arndt
    Topics: Funny Love, Marriage

Marriage - a book of which the first chapter is written in poetry and the remaining chapters in prose.

    Author: Beverley Nichols

I find it disturbing that the media keeps referring to my marriage, since I got divorced in 1979. But the media never wants to let me forget.

    Author: Bianca Jagger

Let us now set forth one of the fundamental truths about marriage: the wife is in charge.

    Author: Bill Cosby
    Topics: Marriage

The heart of marriage is memories; and if the two of you happen to have the same ones and can savor your reruns, then your marriage is a gift from the gods.

    Author: Bill Cosby

I very much feel that marriage is a sacrament and that sacrament should extend... to that legal entity of a union between what traditionally in our Western values has been defined as between a man and a woman.

    Author: Bill Frist

Whenever the people are for gay marriage or medical marijuana or assisted suicide, suddenly the "will of the people" goes out the window.

    Author: Bill Maher

President Bush has a record of cutting taxes, has provided a prescription drug benefit for seniors, has upheld the Second Amendment and remains committed to stopping liberal activists judges who are redefining marriage.

    Author: Bill Shuster

There is no reason why marriage should necessarily compel an actress to forego her career.

    Author: Billie Burke

Marriage is a wonderful invention: then again, so is a bicycle repair kit.

    Author: Billy Connolly
    Topics: Funny Love

I'm most proud of the longevity of my marriage, my kids, and my grandchildren. If you don't have that, you really don't have very much.

    Author: Bob Newhart

This marriage is no one's business but our own.

    Author: Bobby Darin

I know all about cheating. I've had six very successful marriages.

    Author: Bobby Heenan

I'm certain that it was an incredible gift for me to not only be friends with some of the greatest blues people who've ever lived, but to learn how they played, how they sang, how they lived their lives, ran their marriages, and talked to their kids.

    Author: Bonnie Raitt

Love is not weakness. It is strong. Only the sacrament of marriage can contain it.

    Author: Boris Pasternak

But I believe that there are marriages where you can have your pool table and she can have her scrapbooking room or garden or whatever it is. But when everyone has what they want, it's not funny. There's no conflict.

    Author: Brad Garrett

Inspirations never go in for long engagements; they demand immediate marriage to action.

    Author: Brendan Francis

Have you ever heard of a good marriage growing in front of the cameras?

    Author: Brigitte Bardot

I am against marriage, and I don't give a fig for society.

    Author: Brigitte Bardot

All I know is it destroyed my family, it destroyed my marriage to Sylvester and I will never get over it.

    Author: Brigitte Nielsen

I found marriage somewhat stifling. I don't know that I am the kind of man who ought to be married.

    Author: Burt Lancaster

Marriage is about the most expensive way for the average man to get laundry done.

    Author: Burt Reynolds

There is, hidden or flaunted, a sword between the sexes till an entire marriage reconciles them.

    Author: C. S. Lewis

Odd, the years it took to learn one simple fact: that the prize just ahead, the next job, publication, love affair, marriage always seemed to hold the key to satisfaction but never, in the longer run, sufficed.

    Author: Carolyn Heilbrun

It's nice to know you have support. Last night I got a marriage proposal. I just laughed.

    Author: Carrie Underwood

I don't see any reason for marriage when there is divorce.

    Author: Catherine Deneuve

Marriage is obsolete and a trap.

    Author: Catherine Deneuve

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