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Christopher Lasch Quotes

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Christopher Lasch
June 1, 1932 - February 14, 1994
Nationality: American
Category: Historian
Subcategory: American Historian

Neoclassical economics insists that advertising cannot force consumers to buy anything they don't already want to buy.


The job of the press is to encourage debate, not to supply the public with information.


Conservatives have no understanding of modern capitalism. They have a distorted understanding of the traditional values they claim to defend.


The attempt to redefine the family as a purely voluntary arrangement grows out of the modern delusion that people can keep all their options open all the time.


Liberals subscribe to the new flexible, pluralistic definition of the family; their defense of families carries no conviction.


In our society, daily experience teaches the individual to want and need a never-ending supply of new toys and drugs.


Adherents of the new religious right reject the separation of politics and religion, but they bring no spiritual insights to politics.


Ostensibly rigorous and realistic, contemporary conservatism is an ideology of denial. Its symbol is a smile button.


Progressive rhetoric has the effect of concealing social crisis and moral breakdown by presenting them as the birth pangs of a new order.


Traditionalists will have to master techniques of sustained activism formerly monopolized by the left.


The reporting of news has to be understood as propaganda for commodities, and events by images.


The family wage has been eroded by the same developments that have promoted consumerism as a way of life.


It is the logic of consumerism that undermines the values of loyalty and permanence and promotes a different set of values that is destructive of family life.


The model of ownership, in a society organized round mass consumption, is addiction.


Conservatives unwittingly side with the social forces that contribute to the destruction of traditional values.


A growing awareness of the depth of popular attachment to the family has led some liberals to concede that family is not just a buzzword for reaction.


Make it new is the message not just of modern art but of modern consumerism, of which modern art is largely a mirror image.


Nothing succeeds like the appearance of success.


Most people no longer live in nuclear families at all.


Because politics rests on an irreducible measure of coercion, it can never become a perfect realm of perfect love and justice.


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