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Mason Cooley Quotes

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Mason Cooley
1927 - 2002
Nationality: American
Category: Writer
Subcategory: American Writer

Never ask a bore a question.


An academic dialect is perfected when its terms are hard to understand and refer only to one another.


Three meals plus bedtime make four sure blessings a day.


Art begins in imitation and ends in innovation.


Reason enables us to get around in the world of ideas, but cannot prescribe our thoughts.


The passions are the same in every conflict, large or small.


Self-hatred and self-love are equally self-centered.


The lonely become either thoughtful or empty.


Young poets bewail the passing of love; old poets, the passing of time. There is surprisingly little difference.


Bad faith likes discourse on friendship and loyalty.


Staid middle age loves the hurricane passions of opera.


Fail, and your friends feel superior. Succeed, and they feel resentful.


The shades of respectability begin to close about the greying head.


The only peace is being out of earshot.


Poor but happy is not a phrase invented by a poor person.


Irony regards every simple truth as a challenge.


We are prepared for insults, but compliments leave us baffled.


When I prayed for success, I forgot to ask for sound sleep and good digestion.


A blocked path also offers guidance.


Humor does not rescue us from unhappiness, but enables us to move back from it a little.


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