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Mason Cooley Quotes

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Mason Cooley
1927 - 2002
Nationality: American
Category: Writer
Subcategory: American Writer

In love, we worry more about the meaning of silences than the meaning of words.


Reality is the name we give to our disappointments.


Often, when I want to consult my impulses, I cannot find them.


Consciousness is our only reprieve from Time.


A sense of blessedness comes from a change of heart, not from more blessings.


Rescue someone unwilling to look after himself, and he will cling to you like a dangerous illness.


Families in which nothing is ever discussed usually have a lot not to discuss.


Conscious thought is the tidying up at the end.


Most people regard getting their way as a matter of simple justice.


Few friendships could survive the moodiness of love affairs.


Women encourage men to be childish, then scold them.


Only the broken-hearted know the truth about love.


Kafka: cries of helplessness in twenty powerful volumes.


Sloth, not ill-will, makes me unjust.


The sage belongs to the same obsolete repertory as the virtuous maiden and the enlightened monarch.


Psychology keeps trying to vindicate human nature. History keeps undermining the effort.


Mistakes are the only universal form of originality.


Hatred observes with more care than love does.


Documents create a paper reality we call proof.


The novel avoids the sublime and seeks out the interesting.


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