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Short Quotes

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       Selected quotes and sayings on Short. Famous short quotes. Best quotes, free quotes, funny, quotes and sayings, phrases, thoughts, inspirational, wisdom, motivational, quotations, inspiring and witty.

I is another.

    Author: Arthur Rimbaud

I hate guns.

    Author: John Howard

I hate writing.

    Author: Al Alvarez

I love the stage.

    Author: Anthony Quinn

I'm not perfect.

    Author: Brett Favre

I like adventure.

    Author: Marc Garneau

Keep hope alive!

    Author: Jesse Jackson

I love to work.

    Author: Shelley Morrison

I adore dancing.

    Author: Vivien Leigh

Chess is life.

    Author: Bobby Fischer

It's my show.

    Author: Knute Rockne

Ego is good.

    Author: Thomas Leonard

We are the world.

    Author: Friedrich Durrenmatt

Assets are cold.

    Author: John Kluge

Rock on out.

    Author: Janis Joplin

I never grew up.

    Author: Tracey Emin

Science is facts.

    Author: Henri Poincare

I love my family.

    Author: Manute Bol

I hate birthdays.

    Author: Zane Grey

I love theater.

    Author: Kristin Davis

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