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Short Quotes

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Santa was a fake.

    Author: Stephen Lawrence

Humor is healing.

    Author: Brad Garrett

Hasten slowly.

    Author: Augustus

I hate everybody.

    Author: GG Allin

I envy the dead.

    Author: William Mulholland

I enjoy money.

    Author: Karen Carpenter

I'm an outsider.

    Author: Jack Levine

I'm an old cynic.

    Author: Margot Kidder

Youth has no age.

    Author: Pablo Picasso

I love painting.

    Author: Heidi Klum

I'll be back.

    Author: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Acting scares me.

    Author: John Lurie

Love has a tide!

    Author: Helen Hunt Jackson

Art is spiritual.

    Author: John Cusack

I hated to lose.

    Author: Mike Krzyzewski

Money is sensual.

    Author: Jerry Stiller

I'm never bored.

    Author: Jack Prelutsky

Be happy or die.

    Author: Rob Cohen

I win or I die.

    Author: Joaquin Andujar

It's nice to win.

    Author: Bess Truman

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