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Agatha Christie
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Christian Dior
Christian Furchtegott Gellert
Christian Lacroix
Christian Lous Lange
Christian Morgenstern
Christian Nestell Bovee
Christian Slater
Christiane Amanpour
Christiane Collage
Christie Brinkley
Christie Hefner
Christie Todd Whitman
Christina Aguilera
Christina Applegate
Christina G. Rossetti
Christina Hoff Sommers
Christina Milian
Christina Ricci
Christina Rossetti
Christine Baranski
Christine de Pisan
Christine Gregoire
Christine Keeler
Christine Lahti
Christine Lavin
Christine McVie
Christine Pelosi
Christine Taylor
Christine Todd Whitman
Christoph Martin Wieland
Christopher Alexander
Christopher Anstey
Christopher Atkins
Christopher Bond
Christopher Columbus
Christopher Cross
Christopher Darden
Christopher Dawson
Christopher Dodd
Christopher Durang
Christopher Eccleston
Christopher Fry
Christopher Gadsden
Christopher Gist
Christopher Guest
Christopher Hampton
Christopher Hitchens
Christopher Isherwood
Christopher Judge
Christopher Knight
Christopher Lambert
Christopher Lasch
Christopher Lee
Christopher Lehmann-Haupt
Christopher Love
Christopher Marlowe
Christopher Meloni
Christopher Monckton
Christopher Morley
Christopher Nolan
Christopher Parker
Christopher Plummer
Christopher Reeve
Christopher Ricks
Christopher Shays
Christopher Smart
Christopher Walken
Christopher Wren
Christy Mathewson
Christy Romano
Christy Turlington
Claudia Christian
Clayton Christensen
Erika Christensen
Ferdinand Christian Baur
Hans Christian Andersen
Hans Christian Anderson
Hayden Christensen
Helena Christensen
John Edward Christopher Hill
Julie Christie
Linford Christie
Perry Christie
Queen Christina
Tyler Christopher
Warren Christopher
William Christopher
William Christopher Handy

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As preachers of the gospel of Jesus, do not expect worldly honors: these Jesus Christ neither took to himself, nor gave to his disciples.

    Author: Adam Clarke

If you go forward in the spirit of the original apostles and followers of Jesus Christ, trusting not in man but in the living God, he will enable you to pull down the strong holds of sin and Satan, and that work by which he is pleased will prosper in your hands.

    Author: Adam Clarke

Help us to recognize your voice, help us not to be allured by the madness of the world, so that we may never fall away from you, O Lord Jesus Christ.

    Author: Albrecht Durer

I know Jesus Christ died for my sins, and that's all I really need to know.

    Author: Ann Coulter

But however long you may have continued in rebellion, and how ever black and long the catalog of your sins, yet if you will now turn to God by a sincere repentance, and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, you shall not be cast out.

    Author: Archibald Alexander

Pontius Pilate was the first great censor and Jesus Christ the first great victim of censorship.

    Author: Ben Lindsey

One American said that the most interesting thing about Holy Ireland was that its people hate each other in the name of Jesus Christ. And they do!

    Author: Bernadette Devlin

To a Christian, Easter Sunday means everything, when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    Author: Bernhard Langer

More than anything, people want the reality of the discussion at hand. If what is going on in that building is the real thing, if the transforming love and power of Jesus Christ is being experienced, you can sit on a metal folding chair or in a plush theater seat.

    Author: Bill Hybels

This type of gathering is unprecedented. The time has come for Christians to publicly affirm our Jewish roots, distinctions and oneness in Jesus Christ.

    Author: Bill McCartney

Jesus Christ was God's revenue officer.

    Author: Billy Sunday

Some persons have lived manly or womanly lives, and they lack but one thing - open confession of the Lord Jesus Christ. Some men think that they must come to him in a certain way - that they must be stirred by emotion or something like that.

    Author: Billy Sunday

There are individuals who have never done anything for Jesus Christ, and I have no doubt there are preachers as well, who have never done anything for the God Almighty.

    Author: Billy Sunday

Jesus Christ was God's revenue officer.

    Author: Billy Sunday

Some persons have lived manly or womanly lives, and they lack but one thing - open confession of the Lord Jesus Christ. Some men think that they must come to him in a certain way - that they must be stirred by emotion or something like that.

    Author: Billy Sunday

There are individuals who have never done anything for Jesus Christ, and I have no doubt there are preachers as well, who have never done anything for the God Almighty.

    Author: Billy Sunday

God looked down on this country because this country was founded on the rock and that rock was our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And when the storms came and the rains came, the rock, it did not move. But over the last 15 or 20 years, something began to erode.

    Author: Bob Riley

I have no further use for America. I wouldn't go back there if Jesus Christ was President.

    Author: Charlie Chaplin

John Paul II made it clear that... liberation theology based on the teaching of Jesus Christ was necessary, but liberation theology that used a Marxist analysis was unacceptable.

    Author: Claudio Hummes

As I have studied the Bible and the Book of Mormon, I have come to know through the power of the Spirit of God, that these books contain the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Author: Clayton Christensen

The path I am trying so hard to follow is in fact the one that God my Father and His Son Jesus Christ want me to pursue. It has brought me deep happiness.

    Author: Clayton Christensen

I believe in one God, the first and great cause of goodness. I also believe in Jesus Christ, the rebirth of the world. I also believe in the Holy Ghost, the comforter.

    Author: Daniel Morgan

All that I am I owe to Jesus Christ, revealed to me in His divine Book.

    Author: David Livingstone

The blood of Jesus Christ can cover a multitude of sins, it seems to me.

    Author: Denis Diderot

I've tried writing. Two days later I'd go visit it and say, Jesus Christ, who wrote this crap?

    Author: Dennis Farina

To endure the cross is not tragedy; it is the suffering which is the fruit of an exclusive allegiance to Jesus Christ.

    Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer

A rule I have had for years is: to treat the Lord Jesus Christ as a personal friend. His is not a creed, a mere doctrine, but it is He Himself we have.

    Author: Dwight L. Moody

Character is supreme in life, hence Jesus stood supreme in the supreme thing - so supreme that, when we think of the ideal, we do not add virtue to virtue, but think of Jesus Christ, so that the standard of human life is no longer a code but a character.

    Author: E. Stanley Jones

Some have said that the power of a Redeemer would depend upon two things: first, upon the richness of the self that was given; and second, upon the depths of the giving. Friend and foe alike are agreed on the question of the character of Jesus Christ.

    Author: E. Stanley Jones

When we think of the ideal, we do not add virtue to virtue, but think of Jesus Christ, so that the standard of human life is no longer a code, but a character.

    Author: E. Stanley Jones

I never saw a contradiction between the ideas that sustain me and the ideas of that symbol, of that extraordinary figure, Jesus Christ.

    Author: Fidel Castro

We should so work as if we were to be saved by our works; and so rely on Jesus Christ, as if we did no works.

    Author: Francis Asbury

Do you really believe that the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, plans to be a loser in history?

    Author: Gary North

Jesus Christ is our supreme commander, but He operates only through His word, which is unquestionably a training manual. However, He has many interpreters, and few people see the Bible as a true training manual.

    Author: Gary North

Jesus Christ tells us that a man cannot be wrong if he argues towards God from what he finds best in himself.

    Author: George A. Smith

I believe with all my heart that the Church of Jesus Christ should be a Church of blurred edges.

    Author: George Carey

Although believers by nature, are far from God, and children of wrath, even as others, yet it is amazing to think how nigh they are brought to him again by the blood of Jesus Christ.

    Author: George Whitefield

For in Jesus Christ there is neither male nor female, bond nor free; even you may be the children of God, if you believe in Jesus.

    Author: George Whitefield

Mere heathen morality, and not Jesus Christ, is preached in most of our churches.

    Author: George Whitefield

The righteousness of Jesus Christ is one of those great mysteries, which the angels desire to look into, and seems to be one of the first lessons that God taught men after the fall.

    Author: George Whitefield

Wouldn't you like to have heard the voice of Shakespeare, or Jesus Christ?

    Author: Henry Irving

If Jesus Christ came back today, He and I would get into our brown corduroys and go to the nearest jean store and overturn the racks of blue denim.

    Author: Ian Anderson

They're not posing as being Jesus Christ all the time.

    Author: Jim Goad

One congressman asked 'I just want to know if you've accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior. The minister looked stunned, and he said 'no.' The whole table almost fell on the floor. The congressman was quite serious. That was his litmus test.

    Author: Jim Sasser

Thanksgiving is a season that is very much in accord with the themes and teachings of Jesus Christ.

    Author: John Clayton

Nothing is more prominently brought forward in the New Testament than the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Author: John Nelson Darby

Mormonism is the pure doctrine of Jesus Christ; of which I myself am not ashamed.

    Author: Joseph Smith, Jr.

After I set out to refute Christianity intellectually and couldn't, I came to the conclusion the Bible was true and Jesus Christ was God's Son.

    Author: Josh McDowell
    Topics: Christianity

Here's the simplest answer: Within weeks, the disciples proclaimed the resurrection of Jesus Christ, that He had been bodily raised from the dead and appeared to them.

    Author: Josh McDowell

I am not a Christian because God changed my life; I am a Christian because of my convictions about who Jesus Christ is.

    Author: Josh McDowell

If Jesus Christ was who He claimed to be, and He did die on a cross at a point of time in history, then, for all history past and all history future it is relevant because that is the very focal point for forgiveness and redemption.

    Author: Josh McDowell

And History will smile to think that this is the species for which Socrates and Jesus Christ died.

    Author: Julien Benda

In the Church of Jesus Christ there can and should be no non-theologians.

    Author: Karl Barth

One encounter with Jesus Christ is enough to change you, instantly, forever.

    Author: Luis Palau

If English was good enough for Jesus Christ, then it's good enough for Texas.

    Author: Ma Ferguson

For faithful Catholics, communion is not just a nice ritual: It is the body and blood of Jesus Christ, and the ultimate sign of our willingness to be incorporated into the church.

    Author: Maggie Gallagher

The New Right, in many cases, is doing nothing less than placing a heretical claim on Christian faith that distorts, confuses, and destroys the opportunity for a biblical understanding of Jesus Christ and of his gospel for millions of people.

    Author: Mark Hatfield

No revolution that has ever taken place in society can be compared to that which has been produced by the words of Jesus Christ.

    Author: Mark Hopkins

I don't think that fundamentalism has anything to do with Jesus Christ. They call themselves Christians, but if that's Christian, count me out. Fundamentalism is built on fear and greed. They're telling you to give them your money otherwise you're going to hell.

    Author: Matthew Fox

How many Catholic schools do you think teach the students to question the authority of the Pope? Do you believe Christian schools teach students to question or challenge the authority of Jesus Christ? Do military schools teach the cadets to challenge the authority.

    Author: Neal Boortz

Character in a saint means the disposition of Jesus Christ persistently manifested.

    Author: Oswald Chambers

The dearest friend on earth is a mere shadow compared to Jesus Christ.

    Author: Oswald Chambers

The founding document of the United States of America acknowledges the Lordship of Jesus Christ because we are a Christian nation.

    Author: Pat Robertson

Well, to take me from where I was, and the life I was leading, to the life I lead now with the church and with the Lord and with Jesus Christ, it's a total, total turn-around.

    Author: Pat Summerall

An icon painter starts not with Jesus Christ but by finding earth and rubbing. Now what is earth, what are you rubbing in directing?

    Author: Peter Brook

Jesus Christ is the beginning, the middle, and the end of all. In the Gospels he walks in human form upon the earth, and accomplishes the work of redemption.

    Author: Philip Schaff

You may be assured that we won't ever let your words die. Like the words of our Master, Jesus Christ, they will live in our minds and our hearts and in the souls of black men and white men, brown men and yellow men as long as time shall last.

    Author: Ralph Abernathy

The Church is presided over personally by Jesus Christ.

    Author: Richard G. Scott

For love is a willful stirring of our thoughts unto God, so that it receive nothing that is against the love of Jesus Christ, and therewith that it be lasting in sweetness of devotion; and that is the perfection of this life.

    Author: Richard Rolle

Thy love is singular when all thy delight is in Jesus Christ and in no other thing finds joy and comfort.

    Author: Richard Rolle

Since we have placed justification in the revelation of Jesus Christ formed and brought forth in the heart, there working his works of righteousness and bringing forth the fruits of the Spirit.

    Author: Robert Barclay

Jesus Christ came into my prison cell last night, and every stone flashed like a ruby.

    Author: Samuel Rutherford

You know what I'm doing starting 1st November? Jesus Christ Superstar.

    Author: Sebastian Bach

Every religious pioneer, including Jesus Christ, was persecuted by his contemporaries. But once people understand me, their turn can be dramatic like Saint Paul's.

    Author: Sun Myung Moon

It's going to be used in the last days to get people to come against Christ, and that's the issue: they come against the Lord Jesus Christ. And in this new book, we show Christ coming to settle that big issue.

    Author: Tim LaHaye

My position is not that John Kerry is either Jesus Christ or the prophet Mohammad. My position is that John Kerry is the possibility of restarting politics.

    Author: Todd Gitlin

The Marxist analysis has got nothing to do with what happened in Stalin's Russia: it's like blaming Jesus Christ for the Inquisition in Spain.

    Author: Tony Benn

The moment you enlist in the army of God, you personally become a target. You need to remember that if you're living for and walking with Jesus Christ, the powers of darkness are aligned against you.

    Author: Walter Martin

What makes you a Christian is whether or not you really are in accord with biblical theology and whether you know Jesus Christ as your Saviour.

    Author: Walter Martin

Therefore I do pray and entreat you in the name of Jesus Christ to do so much as to make my being here in Japan known to my poor wife, in a manner a widow and my two children fatherless; which thing only is my greatest grief of heart and conscience.

    Author: Will Adams

If a man fights his way through his doubts to the conviction that Jesus Christ is Lord, he has attained to a certainty that the man who unthinkingly accepts things can never reach.

    Author: William Barclay

I get scared to death when I see people who say they've found Jesus Christ, and they're out there, and I wonder, who's teaching them? Who's mentoring them?

    Author: Willie Aames

I remember thinking, That's what I need - and that hope was in Jesus Christ.

    Author: Willie Aames

I tell kids that people will let them down and people will hurt them. But Jesus Christ will never let them down and never hurt them.

    Author: Willie Aames

I want kids to understand that strength doesn't come from what goes on around you. It comes from inside you, and that comes from Jesus Christ.

    Author: Willie Aames

Found 100 quotes containing your search: (limited to first 100 results.)

Chum was a British boy's weekly which, at the end of the year was bound into a single huge book; and the following Christmas parents bought it as Christmas presents for male children.

    Author: A. E. van Vogt

I owe it all to Jesus.

    Author: Aaron Neville

My family background was deeply Christian.

    Author: Abbe Pierre

In the total expanse of human life there is not a single square inch of which the Christ, who alone is sovereign, does not declare, 'That is mine!'.

    Author: Abraham Kuyper

But this Christ or Redeemer took not upon him the nature of angels, but the seed of Abraham, that is, human nature, that in the nature which sinned he might make the expiation required.

    Author: Adam Clarke

Let it ever be remembered that genuine faith in Christ will ever be productive of good works; for this faith worketh by love, as the apostle says, and love to God always produces obedience to his holy laws.

    Author: Adam Clarke

Many talk much, and indeed well, of what Christ has done for us: but how little is spoken of what he is to do in us! and yet all that he has done for us is in reference to what he is to do in us.

    Author: Adam Clarke

This perfection is the restoration of man to the state of holiness from which he fell, by creating him anew in Christ Jesus, and restoring to him that image and likeness of God which he has lost.

    Author: Adam Clarke

Poor David Hume is dying fast, but with more real cheerfulness and good humor and with more real resignation to the necessary course of things, than any whining Christian ever dyed with pretended resignation to the will of God.

    Author: Adam Smith

There are no strangers on Christmas Eve.

    Author: Adele Comandini
    Topics: Christmas

As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice.

    Author: Adolf Hitler

My favorite designer is Christian Lacroix, not just because his clothes are amazing and I love them, but because he's so nice. When I did his fashion show, he was the first one to arrive there and he helped everyone.

    Author: Adriana Lima

The Word of God well understood and religiously obeyed is the shortest route to spiritual perfection. And we must not select a few favorite passages to the exclusion of others. Nothing less than a whole Bible can make a whole Christian.

    Author: Aiden Wilson Tozer

What is my task? First of all, my task is to be pleasing to Christ. To be empty of self and be filled with Himself. To be filled with the Holy Spirit; to be led by the Holy Spirit.

    Author: Aimee Semple McPherson

The point is that there is tremendous hypocrisy among the Christian right. And I think that Christian voters should start looking at global warming and extreme poverty as a religious issue that speaks to the culture of life.

    Author: Al Franken

During my 2004 presidential campaign, I was fond of saying that it was high time for the Christian right to meet the right Christians.

    Author: Al Sharpton

My ordination in the Church of God in Christ was at age 9, and I later became a Baptist minister, which I am today.

    Author: Al Sharpton

Christ would not vote for Barack Obama, because Barack Obama has voted to behave in a way that it is inconceivable for Christ to have behaved.

    Author: Alan Keyes

To some degree Satanism is purely a kind of disease of Christianity. You've got to really be Christian to believe in Satan.

    Author: Alan Moore

It does not require great learning to be a Christian and be convinced of the truth of the Bible. It requires only an honest heart and a willingness to obey God.

    Author: Albert Barnes

What the world requires of the Christians is that they should continue to be Christians.

    Author: Albert Camus

Organized Christianity has always represented immortality as a sort of common heritage; but I never could see why spiritual life should not be conditioned on the same terms as all life, i. e., correspondence with environment.

    Author: Albert J. Nock

Day by day we should weigh what we have granted to the spirit of the world against what we have denied to the spirit of Jesus, in thought and especially in deed.

    Author: Albert Schweitzer

Not just Christians and Jews, but also Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and the followers of many other religions believe in values like peace, respect, tolerance and dignity. These are values that bring people together and enable us to build responsible and solid communities.

    Author: Alcee Hastings

If you are an antichrist, you won't believe in the bible prophecy from the beginning. Which means, you won't believe that physical immortality will become possible.

    Author: Alex Chiu

None of my neighbors believe in what I say. They refuse to wear the rings. They will never accept my invention until the day they die. That's what I call the real antichrists.

    Author: Alex Chiu

Christmas is the day that holds all time together.

    Author: Alexander Smith

The Jews and the Arabs should settle their dispute in the true spirit of Christian charity.

    Author: Alexander Wiley

Resignation is the courage of Christian sorrow.

    Author: Alexandre Vinet

As an adult (after college) and as an artist I thought about what was real, what sustained me - it was Christian Science. I was using that when I didn't know it. Saying yes to the Light and your better instinct.

    Author: Alfre Woodard

Man is raw and wild, that is one of the reasons why he needs the Christian teaching.

    Author: Alfred A. Montapert

No sane local official who has hung up an empty stocking over the municipal fireplace, is going to shoot Santa Claus just before a hard Christmas.

    Author: Alfred E. Smith

Of the sayings of Christ in the Synoptic Gospels that can be compared to those in the fourth Gospel, there are one or two which I venture to think can only have been recorded on the authority of St. John.

    Author: Alfred Noyes

Drinking bear is easy. Trashing your hotel room is easy. But being a Christian, that's a tough call. That's rebellion.

    Author: Alice Cooper

My father always wanted to be the corpse at every funeral, the bride at every wedding and the baby at every christening.

    Author: Alice Roosevelt Longworth

I went to Montreal. My first gig went very badly. They just weren't laughing at anything. I found out they were a load of Christians, and it was a gig to raise money for a new church roof.

    Author: Allan Carr

I have always regarded global development as a struggle between the forces of good and evil. Not to be simplified as a struggle between Jesus and Satan, since I do not consider that the process is restricted to our own sphere of culture.

    Author: Alva Myrdal

It was by listening to Goodman's band, that I began to notice the guitarist Charlie Christian, who was one of the first musicians to play solos in a big band set-up.

    Author: Alvin Lee

It is apparent that Christianity and Islam must come, and come immediately, to a closer understanding, and it is equally apparent that their unity if achieved, will be the most effective defensive measure against Communist expansion.

    Author: Aly Khan

Throughout the past, there has been a lack of intimacy, affection, and regard for Islam by Christianity. This, to a large extent, has been due to a lack of knowledge of the great human and spiritual ideals for which Islam and the teachings of Islam stand.

    Author: Aly Khan

One of my good friends is Christian, goes to church every Sunday, very religious. I'm fine with that and I will never judge her.

    Author: Amber Tamblyn

But to make a holiday record that involves favorite American songs and then also get to sing about Jesus birth, it just seemed like a real easy, subtle way to combine a couple of things that I love.

    Author: Amy Grant

Come Christmas Eve, we usually go to my mom and dad's. Everybody brings one gift and then we play that game when we all steal it from each other. Some are really cool, others are useful and some are a bit out there.

    Author: Amy Grant

Do I think all contemporary Christian music is good? No.

    Author: Amy Grant

I can look at the future with anticipation. And it's comforting to know that someday, as Christians, we'll be able to look back and have a little more clarity on why certain things in life happened.

    Author: Amy Grant

There are people hell-bent on the idea that we're a Christian band in disguise, and that we have some secret message. We have no spiritual affiliation with this music. It's simply about life experience.

    Author: Amy Lee

As a former Catholic, and as someone who even today is not opposed to being called a Christian, I felt I had every right to use the symbols of the Church and resented being told not to.

    Author: Andres Serrano

I am drawn to Christ but I have real problems with the Catholic Church.

    Author: Andres Serrano

I don't think Jesus was an exclusivist. He said, and we believe, that He is the unique representation of God in the world. But that doesn't mean this is the only way God can work.

    Author: Andrew Greeley

I think that the core doctrines of Christianity - the incarnation, the resurrection, life after death-these are as strong as ever. In fact, the belief in life after death has increased in this century.

    Author: Andrew Greeley
    Topics: Christianity

I'm going to take the kids away over Christmas but I don't, I've written 14 musicals now, I don't want to rush into doing something just for the sake of doing it. I want to do it when I find a story.

    Author: Andrew Lloyd Webber

Before I was known, I would go on stage and pretend I was other people. Once I pretended I was mentally handicapped. It was really wrong. One time I was a bad magician. And one time I pretended I was a Christian comic.

    Author: Andy Dick

There are atheists and Christians, and there are people in both groups who are a little too heavy-handed.

    Author: Andy Dick

I was baptized alongside my mother when I was 8 years old. Since then I have tried to walk a Christian life. And now that I'm getting older I realize that I'm walking even closer with my God.

    Author: Andy Griffith

In the German football team players from different clubs need to get on with each other both on and off the pitch. In the grand coalition Christian Democrats and Social Democrats sit in the same boat and need to pull in the same direction.

    Author: Angela Merkel

Only let the North exert as much moral influence over the South, as the South has exerted demoralizing influence over the North, and slavery would die amid the flame of Christian remonstrance, and faithful rebuke, and holy indignation.

    Author: Angelina Grimke

The doctrine of blind obedience and unqualified submission to any human power, whether civil or ecclesiastical, is the doctrine of despotism, and ought to have no place among Republicans and Christians.

    Author: Angelina Grimke

You can never betray the people who are dead, so you go on being a public Jew; the dead can't answer slurs, but I'm here. I would love to think that Jesus wants me for a sunbeam, but he doesn't.

    Author: Anita Brookner

We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. We weren't punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians. That's war. And this is war.

    Author: Ann Coulter

We want to christen every city that Kris has played in during his professional career.

    Author: Anna Benson

Good Christian people, I am come hither to die, for according to the law, and by the law I am judged to die, and therefore I will speak nothing against it. I am come hither to accuse no man, nor to speak anything of that, whereof I am accused and condemned to die.

    Author: Anne Boleyn

A prosperous state makes a secure Christian, but adversity makes him Consider.

    Author: Anne Bradstreet

In considering found that the papists did not deny him to be come in the flesh, nor we did not deny him - who then was antichrist? Was the Turk antichrist only?

    Author: Anne Hutchinson

I can't get very far away from Christianity, I can't get very far away from the angels and the saints. I work them in always, in some way.

    Author: Anne Rice

I want to love all the children of God - Christian, Jew, Moslem, Hindu, Buddhist - everyone. I want to love gay Christians and straight Christians.

    Author: Anne Rice

I wish we had more visible Christian and Catholic leaders who talked about love.

    Author: Anne Rice

It is tragic that many in America think of us - Christians - as being people who hate others.

    Author: Anne Rice

Re-telling the Christian story is the essence of my vocation. That has been going on since the Evangelists in one form or another.

    Author: Anne Rice

We have to become saints. We have to become like Christ. Anything less is simply not enough.

    Author: Anne Rice

We need to stop fighting Christian against Christian. I have no time for anything but trying to love other people. That is a full-time job.

    Author: Anne Rice

What I did was take the Jesus of the Gospels, the Son of God, the Son of the Virgin Mary, and sought to make Him utterly believable, a vital breathing character.

    Author: Anne Rice

What can you say about such a man as Christopher Reeve? He embodied all the best that a human being can hope to be.

    Author: Annette O'Toole

For centuries the leaders of Christian thought spoke of women as a necessary evil, and the greatest saints of the Church are those who despise women the most.

    Author: Annie Besant

If you believe in an unseen Christ, you will believe in the unseen Christlike potential of others.

    Author: Anthony Burgess

Russians call me German, Germans call me Russian, Jews call me a Christian, Christians a Jew.

    Author: Anton Rubinstein

Orphans, dead parents, lonely children at Christmas, morose spoken word recordings, everything you love about the holidays. Move the turkey over so you can fit your head in the oven.

    Author: April Winchell

Do not for a moment suppose that you must make yourself better, or prepare your heart for a worthy reception of Christ, but come at once - come as you are.

    Author: Archibald Alexander

I regard Christian and Jewish fundamentalism, and all other forms of fundamentalism, as the enemies of God - and I hope you'll quote me on that.

    Author: Arthur Hertzberg

Christianity has not conquered nationalism; the opposite has been the case nationalism has made Christianity its footstool.

    Author: Arthur Keith

Civilization, we shall find, like Universalism and Christianity, is anti evolutionary in its effects; it works against the laws and conditions which regulated the earlier stages of man's ascent.

    Author: Arthur Keith

Good men, whether they be Christians or rationalists, do not desire to discriminate between races, but the distinctions implanted by Nature are too conspicuous to escape the observation of our senses.

    Author: Arthur Keith

Universalism as an ideal is as old as nay, is probably much more ancient than the Christian ideal.

    Author: Arthur Keith

We shall never understand the ethical system taught by Jesus unless we realize that he was a Jew, not only by birth, but that he lived and taught as a Jew; the Sermon on the Mount was addressed to his distracted fellow nationals.

    Author: Arthur Keith

Priesthood is not a convenient, historically conditioned form of Church organisation, but is rooted in the Incarnation, in the priesthood and mission of Christ himself.

    Author: Arthur Middleton

The priest is Christ's slave, and Christ himself took the form of a slave and became obedient to death. So the priest in serving human needs lives a Godward life, possessed by God and witnessing that only when lives are utterly possessed by God do they find their true freedom.

    Author: Arthur Middleton

A weekend in Vegas without gambling and drinking is just like being a born-again Christian.

    Author: Artie Lange

The mullahs of the Islamic world and the mullahs of the Hindu world and the mullahs of the Christian world are all on the same side. And we are against them all.

    Author: Arundhati Roy

It remains to consider what attitude thoughtful men and Christian believers should take respecting them, and how they stand related to beliefs of another order.

    Author: Asa Gray

And of course there's so much music in and around our family. I had a piano during Christmas because it's obviously useful through the season. There are so many people, songwriters, who are around.

    Author: Ashley Judd

I love Christmas, not just because of the presents but because of all the decorations and lights and the warmth of the season.

    Author: Ashley Tisdale

Christianity is the enemy of liberty and civilization.

    Author: August Bebel

The virtue of paganism was strength; the virtue of Christianity is obedience.

    Author: Augustus Hare
    Topics: Christianity

Christ does not save us by acting a parable of divine love; he acts the parable of divine love by saving us. That is the Christian faith.

    Author: Austin Farrer

I think it makes a lot of sense and of course I love Christie Clark. I think she's awesome; she's beautiful and fun to work with. I think she has some really unique qualities to her that would bring a lot to the show.

    Author: Austin Peck

One of the great strengths of the United States is... we have a very large Christian population - we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation. We consider ourselves a nation of citizens who are bound by ideals and a set of values.

    Author: Barack Obama

First of all, the Jewish religion has a great deal in common with the Christian religion because, as Rabbi Gillman points out in the show, Christianity is based on Judaism. Christ was Jewish.

    Author: Barbara Walters

I think every good Christian ought to kick Falwell right in the ass.

    Author: Barry Goldwater

I won't say that the papers misquote me, but I sometimes wonder where Christianity would be today if some of those reporters had been Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

    Author: Barry Goldwater

And a friend of mine in the Christys, we used to sit up at night and talk and read and wonder if reincarnation, and if it wasn't reality, what would happen to the human spirit when the body dies? Is there an afterlife? Just questions like that.

    Author: Barry McGuire

Christianity affects your whole life. I feel I'm more competitive, a better player, but off the field is where there is always a battle.

    Author: Barry Sanders
    Topics: Christianity

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